This past May the International Music Summit took place in Ibiza.  During the conference, Seth Troxler sat down with Pete Tong for a keynote interview before stirring things up at the Team Avicii Q&A.  The interview touched on Seth’s past and present career, including a move away from the Visionquest label to pursue 3 separate projects.

Seth gave some tips on how to make it as a DJ, and emphasized the importance of making relationships if an emerging talent wants to be successful.  The two also discussed electronic music’s changing culture, and the seeming lack of diversity.  Of course, the primary focus of the interview was on the growing rift between underground and mainstream, mostly due to Seth‘s recent fiery Thump editorial.

Troxler believes that many of the US festivals, such as Electric Daisy Carnival, are presenting electronic music in the wrong way for the wrong reasons.  He laments that the age of the faceless DJ is almost over, and discusses the idea that any successful DJ now must build a brand.

Pete Tong was able to get Seth to admit that there is some truth to the notion that fans will catch on to electronic music because it has become mainstream, but many of them will eventually trickle to the underground.  Troxler also conceded that the EDM movement stands for a lot of positive things and has allowed him the opportunity to create a career out of his passion.

You can view the interview in full below:

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