Don’t ever let someone tell you that electronic music cannot evoke powerful emotions, or that it cannot come from a deeply personal place. By virtue of being electronic in creation, many people will jump to the conclusion that the music is mechanical and detached from basic human emotions, such that you might see in a guitarist feverishly tearing at a guitar on-stage. However, it is all in how you approach the process and the personal meaning that you attach to your work.

Such is the track ‘I Love You’ by Yuri Grauberger, aka Urbanstep. Yuri’s mother passed away last month. This track was not made to fulfill any particular musical purpose, but as a tribute to a very important person in Yuri’s life. Musically, it will not be the best thing you have ever heard, but that was never the point. My own father passed away last July, and I know how deeply troubling it can be to lose such a foundational person in your life. An outlet like music production is an amazing way to diffuse some of the painful emotions associated with losing a loved one, and it’s an incredible opportunity to show just how much that special someone meant to you.

My deepest condolences to Yuri for this tragic loss.

You can download ‘I Love You’ for free here.