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King Prydz, the legend behind Pryda, Cirez D, Moo and of course Eric Prydz, just released a preview from his techno side of music. Named “Ruby,” this one is for all the fans of his dark and synthy productions.

The track will not disappoint music aficionados that are eager to hear a steady progression with punchy elements and of course, techno! Many of you are used to listening to progressive house with huge drops and lots of changes; this is not Eric Prydz. The Swedish producer focuses on keeping an overall groove, while enriching his productions with fine-tuned sound patches. The Cirez D side brings his techno side to the world of edm.

His recent 3-hour marathon set at Madison Square Garden was a killer, and I really wish I was there to experience it live. His Epic 3.0 performance was one for the books. However, I would love to see him play live as Cirez D.

Take a listen to his preview below: