The iconic singer-songwriter and poet Jim Morrison changed the face of the American music scene forever. As the frontman of The Doors, one of the most influential rock ‘n roll acts the world has ever seen, Morrison was a pioneer in obliterating the boundaries that attempted to define rock music. In an interview roughly 40 years old, Morrison hypothesized the future of music:

“…it might rely heavily on electronics, tapes. I can kind of envision one person with a lot of machines, tapes and electronics set up singing or speaking and using machines.”

Perfectly Nostradamusing the future art of DJing and production before the modern computer existed or CDJs were even a whisper, Morrison prophesied an act much like Daft Punk. Seeing far beyond the commonplace formula of music = guitarist + singer + drummer that dominated his time and imagining the record and 8 track players would transform into something inconceivable to most people in the late 60s. When you think of the technology of the people during the time of this interview, coupled with the evolution of musical taste that had to concomitantly occur for the two to meet in order for electronic music bloom–you can begin to appreciate the jump Morrison‘s mind had to be capable of to even consider his prognostication a possibility.

The Doors band members themselves became a part of Morrison’s fantasized reality by collaborating with EDM superstar Skrillex to produce his huge 2012 record “Breakin A Sweat”.

In a Regeneration Music Project video, Skrillex and Doors‘ drummer John Densmore discuss the prediction as they take you on a journey of creating the song that brought The Doors’ members together for the first time in the studio in over 30 years. Skrillex delivers cool words about how touched he was by this, but in the video below you can see how humbled and shaken this kind of honor brought upon him.

“I’m kind of glad he told me that after the fact we made the album because I would’ve probably shat my pants a bit more.”

After meeting Skrillex and securing an autograph for his son, Densmore goes on to say “Our singer said in the future that maybe music will be made by one guy with a bunch of machines and I think you’re it so I thought I better get educated.”

Not only has the quote been implemented into the full version of “Breaking A Sweat,” but songs like “Future Back” have caught inspiration from the prediction. You can download the free track currently, however it will be re-released on Kaptain‘s upcoming Cosmic Groove EP. If there are any other song examples, we’d love to hear them in the comments!

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Source: Uproxx