We’ve already seen what can happen when Garrix gets in the studio with a major mainstream artist – Usher. The big room producer’s bombastic kicks and synths are replaced by a smooth, tropical bassline and steel drums, all accompanied by Usher’s Grammy-winning vocals.

But what happens when you put Martin in the studio with a Grammy-nominated producer? Will it be a huge house hit? Or perhaps a genre that both will find new and challenging? Who knows… but we’re excited to see what a Garrix x Avicii collaboration would sound like.

As we begin to see press ramp up by Garrix’s team, we’re left with a few questions –

  • Will his set at Ultra reveal some new info about his plans for the future? Will there be new music? (Most definitely, to the latter.)
  • What is the end goal here? How many people will Garrix collab with? How far does the rabbit hole go?
  • Is this perhaps teasing a larger body of work? Could we see a Martin Garrix album in 2015/2016?

As ultimately useless as this speculation is, it’s fun to keep ourselves guessing; and it’s certainly good for the Garrix team as it keeps listeners’ attention at a peak at all times.

We’ll be sure to show you the collaboration once it goes live. But for now, be sure to catch Martin Garrix at UMF next weekend!

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