I have desperately been wanting to write about this artist for such a long, long time, but no matter what, there was always something that came up that prevented me from doing so. No more. In case you don’t know who Ellez Ria is, you should, because he is definitely one of the hottest, upcoming producers to hit the scene within the past year, and his explosive sound is marred only by his intense orchestrations and rowdy Tech synths. I first caught wind of this fantastic artist with his single release of A.R.I. off of Trance All-Stars Records, and when I heard the dominating, yet euphoric power of his incredibly flooring melodies, I knew that this guy was going places. Since then, he has continued to up the ante with each and every release and has further impressed me with each project that he completed; so much so that I wanted to write about at least 3-4 of his tracks for Your EDM. Some examples of his massive melodic energy lie in his recent remixes to Denis Sender‘s Liquid Dreams and Farzam‘s Narnia, and his ferocious Tech Trance side can be found within his aliased Arkam mix of FLoE‘s Nightwalker and his Re-feel of Mark Libsen‘s Ascension. His tracks have been featured in the sets of legends such as Ahmed Romel, John Askew, Aly & Fila and Armin van Buuren, and his increasingly growing talent is only matched by the fierce drive that currently exists in his powerful tracks, both Uplifting and Tech. After the brutal success of his remix of Nightwalker, Ellez Ria decided to delve back into the dirt with a colossal Tech Trance single released today entitled Rewire, where Psy and acid meet head to cause as much chaos as humanly possible.

In retrospection, his sound closely masks that of Sean Tyas underneath his Degenerate guise, as both of their styles of music focus on rough, rampaging Trance music with a decidedly sharp technical edge and a mean disposition towards experimental timbral implementations. In his single of Rewire, the center stage is focused on his ripping 303 acid work as screeches and howls can be heard through the relentless bassline/basskick combo as the inclusion of unusual string sections adds a cinematic touch of subtle suspense to correspond to the already thrashing beginning phrase. The break down is where things truly heat up, and rather than let up on the throttle, he decides to bring forth a deadly synth line that cuts through the mat like butter as the resulting core of the track is kept nice and hot. It then storms into another section where fatal synths and whipping acid lines coalesce together before unleashing into a devastating drop that combines the full might of crushing Tech Trance basslines with killer acid riffs and a venomous character that seeks to rip apart anything in its path. The inclusion of the Goa inspired acid lines are definitely a nice touch to the already dominating Tech lines and the rampant sixteenth note synth feel keeps the energy high and the stakes even higher. Even though this artist officially started releasing tracks only a short while ago, he is definitely showing signs of great promise in his career, and we can definitely see his name come up on the big labels a short while soon. Count on it.

Ellez Ria‘s single of Rewire is out now on Trance All-Stars Records via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real Trance music! Also make sure to check out the stunning remix by Fredd Moz, who is also another artist that is big on our radar!


Keep the music alive. -Q




Picture Credit: http://themfire.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Ellez-Ria-Rewire.jpg