Music technology is continuing to progress in fun and exciting new ways. From speakers you can actually sit in, to magic orbs that create music, technology has made our imagination come alive and the sky is the limit.

The latest innovation comes in the form of “soundable fashion”, a concept created to bring music to the clothes we wear.

A collaboration between fashion star Yienia Gortana and musician Birdmask, the new project they have created brings us one step closer to a consumer product. The duo have created a jacket that, through a system of conductive e-textiles, creates sounds and beats in real time.

Over 50 layered sensors are woven into the jacket and are interconnected via a smart grid that controls all of the receptors.

The result? A suped up jacket that is actually a moving, flexible MIDI controller.

Although it is not the most fashionable jacket you could wear, the project is a sign that we will soon be able to integrate our music directly with our appearance.

Check out the MIDI jacket below:

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