Fashion has always moved forward with technology. From the earliest sewing machines to the newest fabrication software, designers are more free to put their imagination into reality. For those of us whose fashion includes a constant pair of headphones or earbuds, finding the right fit can be a challenge. Between the various sizes of rubber tips and the shape of your cans, what might fit one person could be dreadfully uncomfortable to another.

Influenced by 3D printing in clothes fashion, OwnPhones founder Itamar Jobani wanted to create a product that was custom-molded to each individual’s unique ear, thus eliminating the guess work needed to buy earbuds fully encased in plastic.

“OwnPhones represents a new paradigm in manufacturing – instead of producing millions of identical earbuds for different ears, we 3D-print earbuds tailor made to each user. Ears are like fingerprints – each one is unique, so we were able to develop earbuds that are custom made to actually fit your ears properly!”

The dimensions of your ear are transmitted via a handy app, with the help of a friend, to the team at OwnPhones, after which it is fitted with the tech and 3D printed to your specifications. As of right now, OwnPhones sports four different styles: Fit, Designer Fit, Smart Fit and Jewelry Collection. Each sports its own unique style and flair, but they are all able to transmit audio via Bluetooth.

Take a look at their video below, and visit their Kickstarter page to support!

For those comparing to the Dash, you can see a comparison between the two here.

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