If you’re an Eric Prydz fan, then you might want to sit down for this next part. The Swedish mastermind behind aliases like Pryda & Cirez D unveiled some big news this morning on his Facebook page. After some speculation last year during a Reddit AMA, Prydz finally announced PR(10)DA, a 3-part collection of tunes spanning the past 10 years. For anyone doesn’t know Pryda, the producer is infamous for his lack of releases or even track names for his work. This year, he’ll release each EP once a month from July to September. Though news of a 3-EP series is enough to hold fans over, this is only just a lead in, as he will also release his first album as Eric Prydz in October too. It’s hard to believe someone who has had such a cult following has never released an artist album, but after 20+ years in the business, it’s finally happening.

Eric Prydz | Facebook

Photo: Krystal Spencer