The second spot on Billboard‘s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart of the week is currently being held by Steve Aoki‘s new album Neon Future II. Although its initial week of sales didn’t quite match up to his prequel album, it certainly would have reached first place had David Guetta’s Listen not been discounted on Google Play.

To be blunt: the album itself is beyond boring. Among the unoriginal, simplistic “bangers” are several percussion-less interludes that I can only assume were made in an effort to add artistry and personality to an otherwise cookie cutter track list. While I can respect an idea like this coming from Aoki, they added no weight to the album as a whole even though they shamelessly included names like Kip Thorne and J.J. Abrams for a surface-level ‘wow’ factor. Even though this album was unmemorable and not able to be told apart from the other vague house artists, you can be sure that you’ll be hearing the tracks played out by the main stage headliners all around the world.

Listen to the #2 album in the charts below.

Source: Billboard | Photo: Wunderground