Oh, Daily Star, you almost had me.

The British tabloid published this article announcing that NERVO were open to working with Simon Cowell in his new show Ultimate DJ. While nothing is actually set in stone, the Aussie twins had been approached to be either mentors or judges on the new show. The Daily Star also managed to throw in a seemingly quick jab from Tïesto, who claimed that not giving contestants more than a few minutes to prove their DJ skills would result in Cowell’s complete failure.

But wait a second, doesn’t Tïesto have his own DJing show?

He does. The Dutch megastar is also about to launch a DJ competition, Your Shot USA, the American spinoff of the show that gave DJ Tigerlily her start. Though he says that a DJ needs “an hour, not two minutes of TV,” Tïesto seems to have forgotten that in the original Your Shot, the DJ only had 25 minutes to impress the judges. Although, it’s hard to fully believe The Daily Star anyway; this is the same publication that Avicii ripped into last month for misquoting his interview with Madonna. The real story is that neither Ultimate DJ nor Your Shot USA have completely won over the court of public opinion, and the more people talk it up, the more skeptical we’re going to get about both of them.


Source: The Daily Star
Photo via Rukes