As dance music continues to break down the barriers that differentiate it from pop, more and more artists are pushing the envelop with their sound and finding ways to blend elements of different genres to create something entirely new. The rise of tropical house last year has not only paved the way for emerging sub-genres, like the newly-dubbed “melodic house,” but it has also given producers a new weapon for their arsenal, as these aspiring artists are finding ways to blend a diverse array of sun-soaked instruments with their own unique style.

Though he’s only twenty one, Sweekuh already has a major label release under his belt – an impressive achievement for a producer who recently graduated from his teens. The remix of Connell Cruise’s “Forever” is a tempo’ed down, trop-pop masterpiece, as the uplifting vocals are perfectly complemented by the evolving percussion arrangements and soaring piano melodies. Check out Sweekuh’s remix of “Forever” below and get your free download here.