You know who has a cool life? Diplo. Whether you live vicariously through him and his tour egg on Snapchat or have seen him with Major Lazer, or with Skrillex on talk show this summer, it’s pretty obvious that Diplo lives a life even other DJs are a little envious of.

But in this newest video from Bud Light, Diplo is just your average Random White Dude: making pancakes, watering his lawn, and lifting some weights on his day off. While the beer brand is known for making videos with an endless stream of product placement, this latest one is pretty subtle, to the point where I wouldn’t even know it was a Bud Light collab if it wasn’t on their official YouTube account. Still, the partnership and resulting end of summer song is a massive move for Diplo, who’s latest song “Set Me Free” ft LIZ will be just one more track to chart on Billboard in the upcoming weeks. He now joins Steve Aoki, Zedd, and a host of others the company has gone after to further its stake in EDM. Watch the video in full below: