Dance music veterans used to consider Ibiza the haven for electronic music, but the Spanish island’s mainstream exposure now contributes to its yearly decay. Great parties still occur daily at Ibiza’s many clubs, but the new crop of attendees range from seasoned partiers to psychotic turn-up types. A latter one of these folks recently ruined a fellow airline passenger’s flight to Ibiza by biting his ear off.

During a flight from Newcastle to Ibiza on August 18, an unnamed passenger on a Jet2 flight received a severe injury in the form of an ear mutilation. Passengers on the plane heard the man say, “Someone just bit my ear off. Who does that?”, and saw that “he took his T-shirt off” and “was covered in blood and that half his ear was just hanging off” as he ran to down the plane’s aisle to his friends. The assailant was not identified, nor the reason why he attacked and bit the ear off the fellow passenger. Jet2 Managing Director Phil Ward addressed the attack on Sunday, stating that the airline was “working closely with Northumbria Police and the parties involved to fully investigate the reported incident so that we can take the appropriate action.”

We wish the victim a speedy recovery, and hope his other ear doesn’t suffer a similar injury after being exposed to the music playing at PACHA.

[H/T: mixmag]