With Soundcloud circling the drain and services like Apple Music and TIDAL struggling to get off the ground, streaming can only be considered the Wild Wild West. Still, from just a quick look, Spotify looks like it leads the pack, as it’s the only platform with a decent free tier. Also helping Spotify’s case is its playlist feature, which allows users and companies to curate playlists for all occasions.

The good people over at “Nothing But..” have made a name for themselves as groundbreaking curators, making lists and continuous mixes of underground and undiscovered tunes from a catalog of labels distributed by Label Worx. Each week the playlists are updated, so you can always turn to them for the latest and greatest music. The “Nothing But..Your EDM” playlist features some of our favorite tunes, from personal picks to tracks that make their way to our website too.

Be sure to check out each of these playlists that are sure to make your 4-day work week enjoyable!

Nothing But… Your EDM

Nothing But… House

Nothing But… Techno

Nothing But… Trance

Nothing But… Bass Music

Nothing But… Deeper House

Nothing But… Tech House