A local DJ in Denver, Colorado has filed a lawsuit against Taylor Swift and her team for being fired two days after a photo session with the pop star, Billboard reports.

The DJ, who spun for KYGO Radio (no association with Kygo, the Norwegian DJ and producer), allegedly grabbed Taylor Swift’s butt during the photo shoot with the artist. The lawsuit filed by the DJ denies that any altercation occurred and cites that many other celebrities were met the same day without any incident.

The firing of the DJ was not done by Taylor’s team, however. Taylor’s security team presented the evidence to the DJ’s boss and left the decision ultimately up to him.

The incident occurred on June 2nd, 2013 but the lawsuit was not officially filed until earlier this week on September 10th. David Mueller, the local DJ, claims that the falsely fabricated evidence was the direct cause of his forced exit from KYGO Radio.

While the dollar amount Taylor Swift is being sued for has yet to be disclosed, the presented evidence will be left up to a Denver judge to decide its authenticity.

You can read the full report on Billboard