Straight from the realm of science fiction, the future of high fidelity sound is here, and Robert Heinlein is turning in his grave for this one. Clap your hands to the Batband from Studio Banana Things.

While bone conduction technology has been around for a minute, the design of these earless headphones have generally remained the same, and nearly all utilize a point still near the ear. The Batband is different in that conducts via touch-points near the temple, transmitting sound directly to the inner ear, and leaving the outer ear free to engage with your surroundings. It’s utterly sleek, and the touchstrip controls only further complement the intelligent design.

A minimalist’s wet dream, now, you can look just like Star Wars’ Lobot, albeit a bit more stylish.


“The Batband makes your social lifescape compatible with your private soundscapes.”

With 44 days to go, and $95,000 already raised out of the $150,000 goal, it looks like this is really going to happen. You can pre-order the Batband directly from Studio Banana Things’ website, or back the project via their Kickstarter campaign. Check out the video below to see the headphones in action.


H/T Gadgetify