Kicks N Licks have been on a mission to deliver the best music possible to all of their listeners. From their original works on Mr. Suicide Sheep and Buygore, to their own renditions of artists such as Crywolf and Dabin, these guys are on a production rampage. And now that they’ve announced a massive tour for December and January, we just had to get their thoughts on all of their recent successes. They talk about downtime, who inspires them, the tour and more. This is what Kicks n Licks had to say:

What can you tell us about some of the awesome things you have planned for this upcoming tour?

“We have a lot planned for this tour: First, we are really excited that Bad Royale will be joining us on the road and we are also bring full light production to each show, we are also going to be bring out special guest to a select shows 🙂 Not only that but we will be playing out tunes of unreleased music! So to say the least we are really excited about this whole run!”

Are you looking forward to playing at any particular locations on this new tour?

Andy: “I’m looking forward to all the shows for sure. I always enjoy being in Colorado especially during winter.”

Jerrod: “All of em, just can’t wait to be on the road and testing out all this new music.”


Is there anything special we can expect from you guys after the new year?

“There is a lot we are going to be revealing next year. We have really been focusing on writing new material and feel like its our best material yet. We can’t wait to finish it up and let everyone hear what we have been up to. :)”

Tell us about one of your most memorable sets you’ve played at a club, event, or festival.

Andy: “I’m not sure I can pick one in particular that is the best. Every show that has a good vibe and energy is memorable. However One show that is definitely stands out was a few months ago I was playing a show and broke my foot in the beginning of the set after jumping off a speaker. I knew it was broken but had enough adrenaline to get through the set.

Jerrod: “It’s hard to say. Every shows seems to have its own individual aspect that makes it memorable. But one that sticks out the most to me was our first show out of our hometown, when we played in Atlanta. The whole experience was new and that will definitely be one I’ll remember forever.”

Who are some up and coming artists you see as really big game changers in this industry?

“There are so many up and coming artist pushing boundaries and making incredible innovative material, just to name a few: Lido, Flume, Mr. Carmack, LAXX, Odesza.”

If you could work with any musical artist in the business, not even in the electronic realm, who would you work with and why?

Andy: “That’s tough! If I have to name one of the top of my head I would have to say Aluna George because I love her voice and style.”

Jerrod: Damn that’s is a hard one. One person I feel like that would be sick to work with would be The Weekend, his new material has been extremely creative yet super catchy.”

Who inspires you in your personal life as well as your musical life, in regards to fulfilling your dreams and working hard to achieve your goals?

Andy: “I gain inspiration from a lot of different things. I think living life itself can provide inspiration. But aside from that friends and family that have supported me as well as anyone who can make a living writing music are definitely inspiring.”

Jerrod: “There are a lot of amazing people that surround us, but the biggest source of inspiration is from close friends really believing in what we are doing, and always stopping by the studio and giving feedback on new projects.”


If you had any advice to provide to producers who are working hard towards living their musically driven dreams, what would you share with them?

Andy: “It’s all about putting in the time and pushing yourself to learn new things. If you truly have the passion and put in the time you will see progress!”

Jerrod: “Always stay true to your passion and vision. Also, nothing happens over night.”

What do you do on your downtime, when you aren’t touring or hiding away making music? Do you have any hobbies you enjoy or places you go to unwind?

Andy: “I like to unwind with friends and try to travel and go on trips when we have time off. But honestly for me the best place to unwind is the studio even if I’m just messing around.”

Jerrod: “Honestly, lately there hasn’t been to much downtime but cant complain at all we have been working on new material and getting everything ready for tour. But when I do get some time I head down to the beach and surf. It has always been a great escape for me its the best place to relax and unwind.”

What are your favorite desserts?

Andy: “I’d have to choose Key Lime Pie. Or some type of fruit sorbet.”

Jerrod: “Oreo shake all day!”

I am so excited for Kicks n Licks to begin a new adventure in their music career. Their compositions show all of their creativity, and they seem like very down to earth and kind-hearted people. I hope they make a stop near Portland so I can go check out their live material! They have December tour dates up and ready, but have no fear if you don’t see your city on the roster yet, as more dates will be announced soon! Be sure to follow Kicks n Licks on their social media links below to get tour date information, track release updates, and so much more!