We previously reported on Dolby Laboratories’ latest project, the surround sound Dolby Atmos system, about a week ago. It sounded like an insanely brilliant idea and it’s actually coming sooner than you may think. Dolby has just announced the location of the first venue that will support the first Atmos system: the iconic Ministry of Sound in London.

Set to debut on January 23, the Atmos system boasts 60 speakers and 22 audio channels, rigged together to create a one-of-a-kind listening (and performing) experience. Given that Ministry is located in London, it’s only fitting that one of the biggest DnB labels in the world hosts the premiere event; Hospital Records will be taking over the venue to unleash a 360-degree aural assault on the patrons.

To learn more about the Atmos system, check out the official website HERE!