It’s no joke when I say that I’ve been waiting for this track for nearly two years. I’ve been waiting for this track since I See MONSTAS were still just Monsta.

It would be difficult to guess that Botnek, known for their more house-inclined style, would be a part of one of the best and most bombastic drum & bass tunes of 2015. If Nero & Skrillex hadn’t made their remix to “Holdin On” (a Monsta tune), they would be playing this track instead.

I See MONSTAS provides their own vocals to the mix, while Botnek adds a layer of sound design complexity that most producers can only hope for. Falling into a classification that I like to call “tearout,” this brand of DnB relies on quick percussive rhythms and heavy-synth world to fill in any and all gaps in silence. This is the kind of track that’s likely to give you major whiplash after it drops, and you wouldn’t even care.

Addressing the fact that it’s coming out on Monstercat is difficult. For one, it’s wholly unexpected. Neither artist has released on the label before, and for such a monumental track, it’s completely out of place. For what it’s worth, Monstercat fans are absolutely eating it up.

“We are massive fans of Botnek and connected with them through Twitter … we spoke about the idea of doing a collab and how unexpected and cool it could be. Within a few weeks of bouncing ideas back and forth we had a song and production aesthetic we felt was really true to both our styles and was working really well for both of us live  …  all without us ever having been in the same room together! We’re so excited to release this song and thanks to the team at Monstercat we are really happy to finally be able to share it with everyone…”

“We’re super stoked to share this song with everyone. It started two years ago with a lot of late nights skyping; sending bits back and forth to I See Monstas, and sipping on wine from opposite sides of the world. We’ve also been friends with the Monstercat team for a while and hoping to work on something together, so our drum n bass baby Deeper Love is now a great addition to their catalogue! Much love to Dim Mak for supporting us with this as well!”

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