Those who rave together, stay together, right? All that staying together inevitably leads to some sweaty bedroom gymnastics, and eventually you’ll have a tiny shuffle master waking you up at night. But you love drum and bass, and you can’t bear to think about your child forsaking your beloved dance music. Thanks to Babypod, you can get the little champion on a steady diet of bass heavy beats before he or she even comes into this world.

It’s been proven by several studies that fetuses can hear sounds, but a recent study by Institut Marquès demonstrated that fetuses can hear and react to sounds at just 16 weeks. So it makes sense when you see photos of mothers with a pair of headphones over their belly to share their favorite music with their unborn child. But Babypod has thought of a better way to give them a prenatal concert. You might be thinking, “okay, but how?” Well, think deeper…

Babypod is the world’s first vaginal speaker.


Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Babypod is a speaker designed to be inserted directly into the vagina, which is the only way for a fetus to experience unmuffled audio. The device connects directly to your smartphone, allowing you to play your favorite music or even speak with the baby while in utero. While it’s still up for debate whether or not the activity is actually beneficial for children, the company claims that Babypod “stimulates the vocalization of babies before birth through music and encourages their neural development.” We never said this wasn’t weird, but in today’s world, giving your child a head start on neural development might just be worth it. Oh, and the world’s first “concert for fetuses” just happened during Christmas. We know you’re dying to watch it, so here it is, and skip to the end if you just want to watch an explanation of the device.

We just have one question… the thing has to vibrate from the sound, right?!

H/T Engadget