The drug problem is worsening in the United Kingdom. Though the government has tried vigorously to curb the issue, an incident during New Year’s celebrations this weekend has proven that drug usage is still very prominent among clubgoers. Five people were hospitalized after taking bad “killer lion” ecstasy pills at Rainbow nightclub in Digbeth, Birmingham this weekend. Out of the five, one man is reported to be in critical condition while another has stabilized. The 3 remaining have reportedly been discharged from the hospital. Local police warned citizens of the drugs – orange pressed pills with a stamp of a Dutch Lion – after two men died earlier this week under similar circumstances. Officials are urging anyone who might have consumed the drugs to seek medical attention immediately if they exhibit any signs of illness.

lion ecstasy tablets

In 2015, the U.K. attempted more crackdowns against illegal drug consumption across the country, including  potentially using drug-sniffing dogs outside of nightclubs (but the notion was recently shot down). Perhaps these recent hospitalizations might put this proposed crackdown back on the table? Though they may seem harsh, officials only want to help ensure the safety of club-goers in 2016.

Source: The Daily Mirror