We’ve written previously about what happens, or what can happen, when a widely-followed figure endorses or decries a political candidate on social media. The last time, it was Zedd talking candidly about Donald Trump. And we chose to focus, rather on what was said, on the impact that it could have. These celebrities and artists have hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of followers on social media and their influence cannot be understated in the malleable minds of the youth.

This time, we get a two-fer – both Diplo and Porter Robinson have recently pushed their ideas out onto Twitter.

First, Porter Robinson reacted to the news that North Korea had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. (Yeah, that happened.)

Then, Diplo put his voice behind Sen. Bernie Sanders, stating that he’d essentially be voting for no one if Bernie did not receive the nomination.

We are certainly not purporting that either of them are political savants, nor are we claiming to know what’s going through either of their minds. What we do know is that together, they have 2 million followers on Twitter, and that’s enough to sway their fans’ opinion.

Influence is a powerful thing, and must be used carefully. In the case of politics, especially with such an important election coming up, a lot of it will come down to social media, and getting millennials out to vote. Whether EDM producers can help with that remains to be seen, but it’s a possibility.