The world could be disintegrating at our very fingertips; buildings crashing and cities as we know them crumbling to ash. Yet Ram Records would still be releasing banger upon banger. Our favorite skull-crushing team is back again this time with heavy hitting newcomer to the Ram team, Audio. If you aren’t aware of the brilliant darkness that follows this producer’s hypothetical shadow like an inescapable soul berated with musical mastery, you’re either living in a dampened basement- or you’re just musically malnourished. If the latter is your case, don’t you worry. We at Your EDM know just the answer.

Today, we have the privilege of premiering the AA side of this carefully-seasoned single entitled “Drop It Human”. The inescapably weary introduction hints to the drop like an imminent virus that’s been eating at your bare insides for weeks. An itch you can’t quite scratch. Well, until it actually drops. See for yourself.

This epic release is set to drop this friday the 8th, and we couldn’t be more excited!