Avicii will have the last laugh and you will like it. The Swede never backs down from his critics, and has made sure false tabloid drama between him and Madonna and an unprovoked attack from Starkillers left Ws in his column. His latest victims? Everyone else. 12496253_10153479298746799_1666035406717871116_o

Yesterday, Avicii released four new press pics which really shouldn’t have been anything to write about. But, of course, the internet had a problem with the much healthier, more rugged version of Tim Berg than we’re used to seeing, so fans ripped him apart. Instead of getting angry, or removing the posts, Tim responded in the greatest way possible – he released another set of photoshopped versions of the pic to troll the fans. New looks include:

The “Candyland”IMG_1202

The “Skrillex”IMG_1201

The “I definitely never wear shoes during a camping festival”


The “But I’m a cool rave mom”IMG_1206

The “Riff Raff”IMG_1205

The “Duck Dynasty just dropped an EP on Pitchfork”IMG_1204

The “I only listen to techno”IMG_1208

And our personal favorite, The”Bassnectar:”IMG_1203

Glad to see Avicii’s new look comes with the same sense of humor.