But wait, didn’t Forbes already release a 30 Under 30 list? Yes, they did.

However, the publication releases 30 Under 30 lists for many things, including Entertainment, Young Leaders and Inventors, and Music, and it seems that they also have entirely separate lists for Europe, as well. These lists are supposed to single out the 30 most influential people in their respective fields, and the existence of so many of them perhaps dilutes the pool – but that’s for another discussion.

The Europe 30 Under 30 For Entertainment is a broad list, encompassing musicians, actors, and athletes. Notable and predictable figures like Adele, Avicii, Daisy Ridley, and Ed Sheeran made the list, along with a host of other notable individuals. DJ Snake makes his second appearance on a Forbes list, so he must be doing something right. But out of the corner of our eye we spy… Afrojack?

I actually have to refer to Gabby Bess‘s coverage of the news on Thump, because I’m not sure I can say it much better:

I’d actually forgotten who Afrojack was, and then I remembered he did that song with Ne-Yo and Pitbull and…Christ, he must have done something else, right? He must have done more than that to be deserving of a place in this list. He must have done something other than co-produce a song that’s now terrifyingly nearly five years old. Surely. Surely one five year old Kisstory staple isn’t enough to justify his inclusion alongside the prestigious likes of Jonas Nay, Garbine Muguruza and the bloke from Foals.

Forbes’ blurb and reasoning for his inclusion on the list: “One of the world’s highest paid DJs, Dutch-born Afrojack records six-figure nightly fees for spinning at clubs and festivals from Las Vegas to Ibiza.”

If that’s all it takes, Martin Garrix or even Hardwell would have made much better choices. But we’re not Forbes, we don’t make the rules.


H/T Thump