Love him or hate him, Diplo‘s influence upon EDM and music as a whole cannot be denied. But long before his days as a headlining act and a member of Youtube‘s 1 billion views club, Diplo worked as a teacher, DJ’ed small parties, and, as revealed in a new post on his Facebook account, traveled India.

Diplo previously posted about his experiences traveling and shooting the “Lean On” music video in India with Major Lazer, but the producer revealed today that he extensively traveled the country 15 years ago. At 20-years-old, Diplo traveled India after a damaging earthquake, helping with relief efforts with organizations like The Red Cross. As opposed to leaving right away, Diplo took the time to explore the country for five months, which included experiences like riding an Enfield motorcycle he earned from a trade with his friend, sleeping upright on the highway when traffic came to a standstill, and making and playing music with a keyboard and speaker he carried around.

Read Diplo’s inspiring Facebook post below:

You can read my post about our time last year shooting the video for “Lean On” while on tour in India but it wasn’t my…

Posted by Diplo on Friday, January 22, 2016