Electric Daisy Carnival has obviously cemented itself as a centerpiece of electronic music festivals, but many people are unaware of its illustrious history. Since its inaugural staging in late ’90s Los Angeles – 1997 to be exact – the one-stage underground rave has transformed into an exultant spectacle. Although the production budget and theatrics have changed, the underlying message remains the same: universal respect and musical creativity.

To mark the 20-year anniversary, Insomniac has launched an all-inclusive playlist series, which highlights electronic music’s most memorable tracks of the last two decades. The legendary promotion company will be updating the YouTube playlist every week, with the first installment featuring 17 bass-pounding hits from 1997. The Crystal Method and Daft Punk are a couple of names which make a deserved appearance, so it’s definitely worth a listen to take a nostalgic journey back to the days of leather pants and butterfly clips.


via Insomniac