TITUS is an interesting case in promotion and goals – he’s a vocalist first and producer second. In the past month or so, TITUS has been releasing vocal edits to a variety of hip hop influenced trap tracks from artists like Party Thieves, San Holo and Breaux. Now his sights are on the collaboration “VHS” from Graves and Jupe, and this might be our favorite yet.

Though the production and levels therein could leave something to be desired, the vocals are exceptionally poignant and on point. TITUS has a cadence and rhythm to his sound that is near and dear to many of the greats in hip hop and rap, and the combination of his style with pre-existing sounds is a testament to his ingenuity, as well.

Check out the newest track for TITUS Tuesdays below, and be sure to grab your free download.

Out now via Your EDM!Graves & Jupe – VHS (TITUS Remix)https://www.youredm.com/2016/02/09/edm-premiere-graves-jupe-vhs-titus-remix/

Posted by Titus on Tuesday, February 9, 2016