You can expect a lot more news about deadmau5 in the coming months. As he works on his album in his newly finished studio, he’ll also be going on an extended¬†mau5hax¬†tour from Toronto to Miami with “lots of stops in between.” A west coast run will come later, he says.

mau5hax 1

mau5hax 2 mau5hax 3mau5hax 4mau5hax 5

Deadmau5 also put up a new clip on Soundcloud yesterday, affectionately titled “Carp.” While it features the characteristic ambient orchestral build that we’ve come to know deadmau5 for, the drop here is the real cherry on top. Deadmau5 employs a breakbeat rhythm carefully layered with his analog synth notation and a unique chord progression underneath. The melody plays off both the dancier side of electronic music as well as the thought-provoking side. Check it.

You can watch the making of / progression of the track below (thanks to /u/Flukie for the link):

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