No, like… he was actually just sleeping. Can you imagine waking up to being the #1 trend worldwide cause Kanye West decided to attack you for criticizing him stealing production software? We can’t either, but that’s just another day in the life of Joel Zimmerman, aka “dead-mow-five.”

deadmau5 woke up to a truly impressive torrent of notifications, and his response was not only entirely warranted, but rather accurate at the same time. You see, the mau5 isn’t dumb and has spent a lot of time – perhaps too much – perfecting the ‘troll.’ In his response, Zimmerman undermines Kanye West’s flawed grammar and even turns his idiotic remarks against him. There are several tweets from deadmau5 on the topic, but these two pretty much sum it up.

Of course, he even enjoys teasing himself on occasion, and subsequently changed his Twitter name to “dead mow cinco.” Quaintly poking fun at his own brand, and Kanye West’s failed attempt to discredit the Canadian producer’s success, deadmau5 also tweeted the below.

Keep on keepin’ on, Joel. You might not like us very much, but we love you.

Oh, and cheers to Dillon Francis for the cherry on the figurative cake.

@deadmau5 you knew this was gonna happen!

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