Facebook and Spotify have a serious love affair going on right now, but we’re not complaining in the slightest. Just today, they have unveiled a newfound integration that will change how you share music with your friends – and we’re not even exaggerating.

Facebook Messenger has long had Giphy and various other basic application integrations which make communication with friends even more entertaining. But, until now, sharing music has been inconveniently difficult. Having to find, copy, and paste the URL while switching between apps has never been convenient… but like most things, we never realized just how inconvenient it was until there was a simpler solution.

Now, right alongside Giphy, there’s a Spotify option under the “” on your phone’s messenger app. Upon clicking, it takes us to our recently-listened-to music on the platform with a search bar to choose from the full Spotify library as we so desire. After selecting the music and/or playlist we want to share with our friends, we click send and out shoots a very pretty looking link in messenger that will open similarly for our friend when clicked. Check out screenshots below for a quick guide on how to use this feature – this is one any Spotify fan will definitely want to make use of!

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Check out the original article here via TechCrunch for more analysis on the possible ramifications of this exciting, new integration.