TomorrowWorld’s cancellation has been met with a lot of mixed reactions. To many, the absence of one of the summer’s biggest festivals is good riddance. To others, likely those who had prime camping spots in Dreamville, TomorrowWorld’s cancellation will leave a void in their festival season schedule that they might find hard to replace.

However, many of the mixed reactions have also come from local residents and shop owners for whom TomorrowWorld created a lot of business.

Rhonda Helton, an employee at the local establishment Charlie’s, described the business during the festival as always busy, from open to close. However, she won’t miss the traffic jams during the festival which she said could make her 5 mile commute to and from work last up to 90 minutes (that’s 18 minutes per mile, just about as fast as the average walking speed of a adult).

Other locals like Gerald Mitchell also complained mostly about the traffic, saying, “I can’t say anything negative about the guys and the concert. It was the congestion. When you live five minutes from here and it takes an hour to get back home, it’s ridiculous.”

“I’m not sorry. I’m not sad. I really don’t have any reaction,” local resident Marty Ballentine said.

For the most part, it seems that residents are pretty impartial to the festival’s cancellation. Last year’s event reportedly saw 160,000 attendees enter the small town of Chatahoochee Hills, so I’m sure that, come September, locals will be happy to know that their commute can continue on as planned.

via WSB-TV