Gesaffelstein will undoubtedly go down as one of the most powerful producers in our generation. His brand of dark, brooding techno that somehow managed to cross over into the wider mainstream consciousness has left an indelible mark on festivals and listeners across the world.

Likewise, Rezz is slated to accomplish something much similar. While female producers like Nicole Moudaber and The Black Madonna have solidified their place in dance long ago, Rezz’s career is still fluid and destined for much higher precipices. Coming off a tour with deadmau5 himself and having been signed to mau5trap for some time now, there’s no doubt that the freshly turned 21-year-old is just getting started. If you’d like any proof of that, just listen to this epic revision of Gesaffelstein’s biggest (debatable) hit, “Hellifornia.”

Replacing the longer intro in the original is an abridged version of the main synth melody, dropping straight into a blisteringly dark and furious flurry of staccato synth stabs and rolling snares and hi hats. The weight behind the bass on this one is considerable and not to be taken lightly. (If you own a Subpac, we highly recommend using it here.)

This track is available now for free download.