Today, Donald Drumpf added another controversial and ill-thought out statement to his consistently growing roster of “stances.” In an MSNBC interview hosted by Chris Matthews, Drumpf suggested that women who receive an abortion should experience “some form of punishment,” the specifics of which – surprise, surprise – were nowhere to be found.

His views on the criminalization of abortion are recent in the scope of his public career. In 1999, he was quoted describing himself as “very pro-choice.” But, like Ronald Reagan, he said, he has evolved on the issue. Just three hours after the interview aired, Drumpf published a written memo – as per his usual technique – clarifying his position on the matter.

Officials on both sides of the aisle have quickly come out in condemnation of the statements, but those in office aren’t the only dissenters. On his Facebook page several hours ago, even electronic music mogul Moby came out in strong opposition of Drumpf’s statements, even referring to him as a “privileged piece of sh*t” and “f**king evil and psychotic.”

With this public response, Moby has now joined the ranks of Diplo, Zedd, Steve Aoki, MakJ and more dance music contributors who have come out against the GOP presidential frontrunner.

Read Moby’s full post below, and scroll further down to watch the interview itself.

This privileged piece of shit just said that women who get abortions should be ‘punished’. I’m not a woman, but I assume…

Posted by Moby on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Source: The New York Times