Pasquale Rotella, founder of Insomniac Events, penned an open letter just moments ago addressing the future of Insomniac. No, the brand isn’t going anywhere, but it’s making some big changes.

The one we’re most happy about is longer sets. We’ve commented on how longer sets might benefits the community last August, and we’re happy to see a major festival promoter actually doing something about it.

“Part of what’s so magical about dance music is the ability for a DJ to take listeners on a journey. We want to give DJs the opportunity to do that, so you’ll definitely be seeing longer set times this year.”

Another change that we’re not so happy to see is the cancellation and postponement of a couple of events. Rotella notes that while enthusiasm for EDC Japan was high, it’s just not the right time. Additionally, Beyond Wonderland will not be returning to the Bay Area this year. EDC Puerto Rico won’t be happening, either.

Some news for the industry readers, EDMbiz will move from the “Cosmo to its new home at Caesars Palace and will now include two areas of programming with more guest speakers.”

Meanwhile, Insomniac’s four sister brands – Bassrush, Basscon, Crush, and Dreamstate – are reportedly “full steam ahead.” These brands will likely be featured at Insomniac events all around the world, as they were a couple weekends ago at Beyond Wonderland SoCal.

Another big news point is the return of Insomniac Records, aiming to bring more new music to the masses.

To read the whole letter, go to Insomniac’s website here.