Okay, before we go any further, for artistic purposes, the style is called “yaoi,” which means “boys’ love” in Japanese, and it’s nothing new for the internet. Fans of all sorts have been forging moments of intimacy between Frodo and Sam, Sonic and Knuckles, and Harry and Malfoy since the times of MS Paint. Now, the larger-than-life personas of Sonny Moore and Joel Zimmerman have been caught in the internet’s web of depravity.

Fans have shamelessly taken Skrillex and Deadmau5′ beef and remade it in the image of their once flourishing bro-love, resulting in a range of make-you-squirm imagery. Maybe squirm isn’t the right word to use in this situation, but some of the art is definitely uncomfortable to say the least.

Some of you might gag in disgust, and some of you might like it, but this is real, and this is now. What a time to be alive…

Some of this art is NSFW.

[foogallery id=”169535″]


H/T Toronto Rave Community