Kygo’s tropical and melodic music is perfect for a variety of settings, such as laying on the beach with a cool drink in your hand, or simply chilling in your backyard watching the birds play from tree to tree. The soft melodies aren’t generally conflated with the stereotypical “everybody f*cking jump!” mantra of top tier DJs, after all.

However, as Kygo prepares to release his debut album, Cloud Nine, on May 13, he’s beginning to branch out a bit more. First, it was having a dessert named after his album; now, Your EDM has exclusively learned that a new Kygo song will be used as the theme for the Sims game and app, Build It.

The song, called “Fiction” and featuring Tom Odell, fits nicely with the animations in the trailer, offering up a slightly campy feel to it all. “Fiction” follows along closely to Kygo’s typical tropical style, and will also be on Kygo’s debut album.

This is honestly a bit reminiscent of when Deadmau5 released new music for the popular game DOTA 2, in July of last year. It seems that producers and managers are really beginning to take advantage of the overlapping demographics between gamers and EDM fans.