We’re pretty big on remix albums; hearing one artist re-imagine another’s sound can be such a mind-expanding experience. Especially when one of the artists in question is New Mexico’s, Conscious Kalling, whose original compositions are already quite potent on the psychedelic side of things.

So, we couldn’t be more excited that he’s handpicked a collection of his favorite artists to contribute to The Remixes: a 7-track remix album featuring some of the most innovative sonic arrangements in the underground scene. There’s even a bonus track from the one and only SOOHAN floating around out there. The album is a journey throughout the genre spectrum; no two tracks sound alike, yet a cohesive vibe is definitely attained. As a preview of what you can expect to hear, check out Bionik‘s re-imagined version of ‘The Dynamic Path of Being’; it’s our favorite track from the album and we’re pleased to be able to offer it up as a free download. A departure from his usual bass-heavy, trap-inspired production style, this tune sees Bionik taking on the melodic and laid-back. Downtempo drum patterns mesh with reggae-like melodies and synth stabs, creating a chilled-out atmosphere you won’t be able to deny.

Conscious Kalling has released The Remixes via our good friends at Party Time Society and it can be purchased on either Addictech or Beatport. Check out Bionik‘s submission after the jump and grab the free download if you’re feelin’ the vibes!


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