International collective BADLQQK might have some roots in Toronto (courtesy of 2/5 members including founding members RYME), but as a growing international collective/record label, they now boast representation in three more countries.

For the 7th release on the label, the guys have all decided to remix each other’s previous releases on the catalogue listing making for creative interpretations of different tracks. Every artist gets a chance to remix another and somehow it ends up perfectly circular – impeccable planning on their part I must say.

Clocking in at a running time of approximately of 26 minutes might seem long for a 5 track EP, but as far as DJs go they’ll thrive on the extended cuts in of all five tracks. From the first track, FEARZ’s remix of RYME, till we close out with Slowbody’s KMRT remix you can be sure to lose yourself in the collective’s mesmerising, head-nod inducing, beats. At the risk of sounding cliche, techno has always been one of those ‘robotic’ styles that seem harsh to approach at first, but there’s something to be said about the hypnotic sounds of BADLQQK that kept even a techno novice like myself entranced.

If you consider yourself a fan of techno or tech house you’d do well to check our the collective’s catalogue – either remixed below or in original form.

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