It’s only been a month since Stonebank released his smash “Be Alright” to the public, but he’s already back with a completely reinvented sound for his new single “Never Looking Back.” Arguably one of Monstercat‘s most talented producers, Stonebank has crafted hits in genres ranging from dubstep and hardcore to glitch hop and bass house.

As if to throw another genre into his discography, “Never Looking Back” is straight trap. Although the track itself isn’t extremely experimental for its genre, it definitely sticks out as a more unique track in Stonebank’s collection, especially since we’ve seen a more recent influx of hard dance from the producer. On top of that, the song is extremely fun, comparable to Snavs & Toby Green‘s killer remix of “Here It Comes” from 2014. No matter what, Stonebank fans should be in for a pleasant surprise with this release.

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