One little Swedish producer seems to be taking Monstercat by storm this year. Following just two months after his label debut “Electric Heart,” Anevo is back with his brand new single “Don’t Shoot Me Down.”┬áVenturing into pop & breaks, Anevo’s second release on Monstercat is just as ambitious as his first.

While I feel “Electric Heart” had a more well-rounded overall sound than this release, “Don’t Shoot Me Down” still manages to be a moderately impressive followup. In fact, Anevo seems to have carried a number of the better elements from “Electric Heart” – like its heavy use of indie guitar plucks and a fairly strong vocalist – into his newest single. Although these striking similarities can be found, “Don’t Shoot Me Down” is a great example of Anevo’s diversity as a producer. If his next single is as different as this one was from his last, we should be expecting the absolute best.

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