I might have stopped regularly playing FIFA some years ago when I traded in my Xbox 360 for a better gaming computer, but that hasn’t stopped me from consistently keeping an eye out for the video game’s soundtrack with each passing release.

EA Sports have just revealed their curated selection for the upcoming FIFA 17 with some choice cuts, including new music from Porter Robinson & Madeon, Zedd & Grey, ZHU, Empire of The Sun (always a FIFA favorite), Kygo, Oliver, and more. As always, though, EA Sports does a great job of showing an equal amount of love to some amazing up and coming artists on the smaller side like Bob Moses, Jack Garratt, Tourist, Skott, and more.

While the video game won’t be out until Thursday, September 29th, you can stream the soundtrack below in one neat Spotify playlist.

Unfortunately, Madeon’s remix of Blur, used in the FIFA 17 trailer, is curiously absent. Guess we’re still not getting it…


H/T: Dancing Astronaut