Stemmed from the land of Portugal, the legendary drum and bass duo Bass Brothers have released a brand new EP aptly titled WTF, in which they truly connect the dots for you when questioning the title itself. Every tune seems to come from left field. In the current trend-filled term of releases, this is everything someone who thirsts for the extraordinary, with a tad extra to spice it up a bit. With six deadly tracks featuring a collaboration with Playaz local Jam Thieves, expect nothing but absolute jump up terror from these two.

We were lucky enough to have a few intimate words with them ourselves. Peep it below.

Hey boys, fancy seeing you here. How has the summer festival season been treating you?

Hey guys, pleasure’s all ours. We only did 2 festivals this summer so yeah.. getting there! (laughs).  

Well, I’m sure they’ll come around next season! We see you have this epic new release out! Wicked! Tell us a bit about it. Which is your favorite tune from the package?

Thanks! We’re super happy with the response. Tried to do something different then the usual and people liked it, couldn’t ask for more. Favorite track is probably Kravitz as it sums up what we’re going to on this ep and its really fun to mix, works good with a lot of stuff. 

Are there any new releases on the horizon that you could tell us a bit about?

Next from us is a remix of Taxman’s classic ‘Original Ninja’ which will come out on his Amended EP very soon on Playaz Recordings. 

What are the possibilities of a Bass Brothers album?

There’s always a chance for a new album but probably not so soon… We released ‘Electronic Propa LP’ not even a year ago and now this new ep, next album will take a while and it will occur naturally at its time, no rush. 

Who is your favorite up and coming producer?

There’s always new exciting music being made, we can’t name only one.. Jam Thieves, Vacuum and Bou for example are making some good drum&bass, also our portuguese homie Razat is killing it with his half tempo stuff. 

Tell us a bit about the production creativity process. Are there any pre-studio rituals you both perform before diving into a project?

Absolutelly. Big cup of coffee and a Sandwich and we’re ready to go! (laughs) 

Lastly, anything else you’d like to add to your fans at Your EDM?

Big love and thanks to everyone listening to our music out there! 

You can purchase the entire release here: