Alright, so this is yet another Daft Punk speculation post, but bear with us; Lollapalooza has page dedicated to the French duo on their website for next year’s event. If you don’t believe us, just click here and see for yourself.

Daft Punk Lollapalooza

Once again, Reddit has helped us decode this latest robot mystery, and all the signs are looking remarkably bright for a Daft Punk return to Lollapalooza. Now, it’s important to understand when this tag first appeared on the site, in order to make sure it’s not just a remnant of the duo’s 2007 Lolla performance. The earliest recorded capture of the website’s Daft Punk tag is on February 3rd of this year, which prompts high hopes for this being a real addition. Also, this tag does not appear on Lollapalooza Chile’s website, counter to their rumored headlining slot on the lineup.

Daft Punk At Lollapalooza 2007


H/T Reddit