This week we got speaking to the truly talented act that is SAFIA.  Their new LP ‘Internal’ landed just a month back and its richly diverse tracklist and stellar production has blown fans away. We got digging to hear more from the artists themselves…

Could you sum up the making of your new LP in three words?

Long, Adventurous, Fulfilling.

Now that it is fully out and available for fans to enjoy, what do you want people to take from this album? Did you have an initial theme in mind when creating it?

The main thing we want fans to take away from the album I suppose is that we are not a band defined by a genre or sound. We always aim to write music with no boundaries or rules, that has both substance and meaning for ourselves – regardless of whether it’s perceived as ‘cool’ or not. A lot of ‘Internals’ themes look inward and explore both the challenges of personal and external experiences we’ve had on our short amount of time on this planet.

The tracklist is incredibly varied for ‘Internal’, and it shows you aren’t afraid to delve into different styles. Do you have a few personal favourites?

Thank you, as I mentioned before we approach writing music with no boundaries or rules. One of our main aims is to not write the same song twice and we always like to challenge ourselves because we find it more fulfilling when we do. I like all the songs for different reasons but i think at the moment probably ‘Bye Bye’, ‘Home’, ‘Go To Waste’ and ‘External’ are currently my favourites.

When did SAFIA officially form? Could you describe how you went from first making music to getting your LP released through Virgin EMI?

I think we first decided to start SAFIA about 3 or 4 years ago now. We have been friends and have been playing together for a lot longer then that, though. We came from more of a ‘rock’ background before SAFIA, so the early days of the project was basically us experimenting with electronic music whilst we were learning it as well. It’s still pretty surreal to see the project evolve from then to now. We still very much approach our writing in the same way now as we did back then, I suppose the difference is that now we have an amazing platform to showcase the music with when it’s done.

Where do you want to progress from here? Is album two already underway?

We’re always writing, so yes it’s exciting to be exploring new music again. Like with everything we’ve done previously we’re always looking to challenge ourselves and present our music in interesting ways, so hopefully we’ll come up with a few cool ideas moving forward.

Have you enjoyed the touring you have done this year? What have been particularly special moments?

It’s always an amazing privilege when you get to travel the world and meet so many new people, doing what you love. That’s not to say that all the touring has been easy. I think some of the particularly special moments this year would have to be the Groovin’ The Moo Festival shows we did back in Australia at the start of this year, as well as our first headline shows across the States –  which saw us going to a lot of new places playing to fans we didn’t know we had there.

If you had an ultimate goal for your aim to achieve with SAFIA, what would it be?

Obviously we would love for our music to reach as many ears as possible and we would love to one day fill out stadiums across the world. But regardless of if we get there or not, I think one of the best parts of being in a band is when you get to create something tangible with other people. There’s still no better feeling of writing music that you love with your best mates I reckon.