The issue of drug deaths at mainstream EDM festivals over the past several years has become a talking point not only within the EDM community, but California state legislature as well. Fortunately, Insomniac Events, the promoters behind some of EDM’s biggest events like it’s flagship Electric Daisy Carnival or Nocturnal Wonderland and Beyond Wonderland, has announced that it will team up with the DPA (Drug Policy Alliance) to show festival-goers that raving can be done responsibility.

DPA’s Safer Partying campaign released a statement via member Stefanie Jones to discuss the reasoning behind the partnership, which has been officially named Project: #OpenTalk

“While Insomniac still has a zero tolerance drug policy and conducts entry searches, they at least acknowledge that more needs to be done to keep their attendees informed and safe.”

It’s long been argued that it’s almost inevitable that drug use will happen at festivals, and that the promoters should play a bigger role to facilitate and educate the attendees despite being hampered by legal provisions to try and do so. As it stands, a “drug-free” festival is all but impossible, and this partnership signals an understanding by Insomniac to try another approach to keep their festival-goers safe.

The partnership aims to educate festival-goers on a variety of festival-related matters such as mind-altering substances, sex, and mental health information, and will debut at Insomniac’s annual Halloween festival, Escape: Psycho Circus.


H/T: Dancing Astronaut | Featured Image Source: Alex G Perez