More typical moves from Apple. They’ve just released a brand new iPhone and the speculation has already begun regarding what features will grace next year’s model. Never mind we’ve just gotten the details for the new MacBook Pros. So what now?

Well, folks are betting that next year’s iPhone is going to ditch its LTPS (low-temperature poly-silicon) display for OLED (organic light-emitting diode), and an executive at Sharp, one of Apple’s suppliers, has just confirmed the tech switch for the device’s new models. OLED offers more flexibility, more vibrant colors, and more efficient battery use, all of which make this move a no-brainer.

Additionally, Foxconn, another of Apple’s controversial suppliers, has been busy testing wireless charging modules. It would certainly appease some disgruntled users who lament the ditching of the headphone jack, and might assuage the pain of no longer being able to plug the new iPhone directly into the new MacBook Pros. Bloomberg also reported earlier this year that Apple was attempting to achieve “true” wireless charging that could work over a distance and not require a charging pad.

But next year’s iPhone will be the device’s 10th anniversary, and everyone is expecting something utterly groundbreaking. An entirely new shape without the traditional bezels is on the table, perhaps some juicy curvature to the phone’s silhouette, and some are even speculating a new naming convention to mark the new decade. Whatever happens, we just really hope they pull their shit together and stop making us buy dongles.


Source: Mashable