This entire election cycle has been an absolute reality show, and now the drama has led to the resignation of Thomas Dunkley, a talent buyer at New York’s Schimanski nightclub.

Dunkley made a Facebook post (which has since been deleted) expressing support of Trump’s policies regarding immigration, foreign policy, and marijuana legislation. In response to the statement, several DJs cancelled their scheduled performances at the venue in protest of Dunkley’s views.

Schimanski’s director, Andrew Inomata, explained that the club has a “zero tolerance for hate and discrimination of any kind,” and told Resident Advisor that Dunkley had voluntarily resigned. Umfang, The Long Count Cycle, Henning Baer, and others who initially cancelled their shows have since reconciled with the club and will be playing on revised dates. Dunkley’s public apologies are available below.


H/T Resident Advisor