More than any other event, Burning Man is perhaps the best place for artists to flex their creative muscles and show a different side of themselves. Perhaps the best example of this is Skrillex’s set from the Robot Heart camp in 2016.

Known for brostep and hip hop productions, Skrillex doesn’t play any of that. Instead, he focuses heavily on chill vibes with slow burn house and a lot of ambient beats, even better since this all went down around sunset.

This one was just freshly uploaded to Soundcloud, so if you want to be among the first to listen to this mix outside of Burning Man itself, check it out below.

This was a really special set because we had all of our friends with us. I brought a lot of first time burners out to the Playa this year. The whole Robot Heart crew took care of us all, and we got to see a lot of the art while I played. This year I collaborated with the team behind Embrace on the Space Whale project.

Hope you enjoy the mix, I mess up a few times but it doesn’t really matter because the vibe was so awesome and so real.

I want to thank Robot Heart and everyone at Burning Man. I especially want to thank all of the artists who put a whole year of work and funding into creating all of the magical art we get to enjoy on what’s probably the coolest canvas in the whole world aka the Playa.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday and a great new year.

– Skrillex


H/T Dancing Astronaut